How to Write a blog post for Beginners & Expert ?

How to Write a blog post for Beginners & Expert ?

by Mobiexprexx
How to Write a blog post for Beginners & Expert ?

Building Blocks of writing an effective blog? here we will resolve this by make different paragraph and what will be in that paragraph so that its will be easy to write the blog

First Paragraph ” Introduction “

First paragraph should 50 words is first ask yourself that ask question about the problem the reader have? so Tell about your own experience and represent others as well who have the similar Problem.

Second Paragraph ” Introduction the Character”

Tell a story of the similar past situation and current resolved state use industry data and statistics to justify problem statement.

Third – Sixth Paragraph “Introduction Conflict to bring dramatic twist “

Paragraph should 150 words, Make your customer relate with the reason behind the problem they are facing use short paragraph to present at least three causes.

Seventh Paragraph “Sell the Destination not the flight”

Paragraph should 50 words, Show case the vision. Tell them with confidence about their state after they take the information, Booster their confident.

Eighth Paragraph “Engage them with possible Solution”

Use the bullet point or short paragraph, Give them the solution with real time data and solution. justify with case study , image. How people are solving them problem with these solution.

Ninth Paragraph “When you became and Expert”

Showcase a product or specific solution that can help them your reader immediate result, Its can be trail or free webinar or any lead magnet.

Tenth ” Given them the sense of satisfaction and happy ending”

Make the 50 words paragraph for transfer confident that your readers are at different level of understanding they can go and implement the strategies to see the result.

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