Its same digital marketing strategy of Real Estate in all fields business??

Its same digital marketing strategy of Real Estate in all fields business?

by Mobiexprexx
Its same digital marketing strategy of
Real Estate in all fields business??

No, because Real E-State Field business different as follows
1. Residential Homes as Flat, Row house, Bungalow, Open bungalow plot.
2. Commercial – Shopping Centre, malls ,office.
3. Industrial Real Estate as Manufacturing Building, Warehouse
4. Agricultural
5. Mixed
6. Special
1. Residential Homes :- A residential area is a land used in which housing predominates as opposed to industrial & commercial areas.
Residential Home also type as:-
   1.1 Open Bungalow
   1.2. Row House
   1.3. Bungalow
   1.4. Flats

1.1 Open-Bungalow Plot :

 Plots that are not brought to a final or preliminary conclusion are called open ended plots or just open plots.
1. NA PLOT is Non Agricultural development of the land.
2. R ZONE PLOT are residential zone plots land to be used for residential purpose.

Digital marketing strategy of OPEN BUNGLOW PLOT


The website should done by skilled professionals and experienced, To be trusted with the execution of new concept and design in the Online Domain.

Most important go for a Responsive website because user are using moblie mostly see you the website.

~~Business WEBSITE are Two Type:-
1.Landing Page/Single Page:-Single page include all everything on the single page.
As Sample of landing Page – Jai malhar packers & movers
2.Multi-Page:-are subpages within a menu so that the separate the data onsite.
As Sample of Multi-Page – Manore Properties

Once your Website alive form 24 Hour Non-stop because of our site in hosting (server),If more information want go through this Hosting

2. Advertisement

A notice or accnouncment in public medium promoting a property and service by social media

2.1 Facebook/FB
2.2 YouTube


On facebook their are 244 million active users in india on facebook but we have to work on trageting by demographics, age and behaviour, additionaly user can also forget thier website vistors.

~~~~~~~ How to Facebook Engagement?

1. Share information about daily real property activites.
2. Post interseting facts about the locality where the property is being developed.
3. Post about festivals and celebratory occasions while adding a realated to a property.

2.2 YouTube– has 265 million monthly active users in india and over 1200 channels from indian.YouTube is the second most visited site largest search engine in the world.

~~~~~~~How to YouTube Engagement?

1. Post videos of Open-Bunglow Plot
2. Make your points clear, simple.
3. Be consistent to build an audience on YouTube.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is an online marketing strategy that is used for generating more clicks on the website by targeted audience.
This mode of online marketing gives instant results and enhance more possiblities to turn clicks on the website into valuables business leads.

1.2 Row House :

 A row house is one of a row of similar houses that are joined together by both of their side walls. Also called Terraced homes or Townhouses, these are a group of individual homes with common boundaries giving the feel of an individual home and yet living in a gated community.

Digital marketing strategy of Row House

Virtual tours can be apply to Row House, Flat & Bungalow.

The greatest challenge with Flat marketing is that clients need to see the property in person before they make a final choice. The good thing is that you can add reality to your digital marketing.
There are several tools that let you produce virtual tours of properties. They can present to your clients what a certain construction project will appear when it is finished.
Virtual tours of the neighborhood are now deemed necessary. The reason for this is that tours could give your clients a feel for the surrounding area. They enable them to comprehend how it would feel like if they live in the property and the neighborhood.
Technology firms are also releasing toolkits that make augmented offerings a lot easier. In this case, technology becomes more accessible in 2020. You must consider technological improvements for your digital marketing strategy.

1.3 Bungalow :

A bungalow is a style of house or cottage that is typically either a single story or has a second, half or partial story, that is built into a sloped roof.

Digital marketing strategy of Bungalow

Email Marketing
Real Estate developers can target and constantly stay in touch with a group of people based on certain criteria retrieved from a Strong Email Marketing Database. Let’s say that a customer has visited a property website and shown interest by property newsletters.
Digital marketers can use the information provided by the customer to send emails about the development, the completion of the property and news on various other related properties. Emails are a powerful lead nurturer, with statistics showing a 119% increase click-through rate via trustworthy emails.

1.4 Flat :

 An flat or apartment is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building, generally on a single story.

Digital marketing strategy of FLAT

360 degree videos and photos
What if you could give your potential home buyers the luxury of a walkthrough of their new apartment without them leaving their homes? Sounds too good now its true? The latest trend of 360 Photo will let you do just that. It is an excellent way to connect with your target audience and show them home buyer what is in store for them if they buy your apartment or villa.
While virtual reality is making an entry in the marketing scene, it is not mainstream yet because of the cost of the VR gears. However, if you are looking for an engaging video, then a 360-degree photo is a good starting point. These Videos Can Be Created Through low-cost tools as well.
This trend is highly beneficial for real estate for developers to showcase their upcoming projects. Apart from the 360 videos, developers can also use 360-degree photos to showcase an immersive 360-degree experience. Both the 360 video and photo produce more engagement and message retention than regular videos or photos.

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